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Movings of houses and appartments

We offer you a professional and efficient service for moving houses and appartments. We will evaluate the moving cost for free! Our staff is professionally trained for assembling, disassembling, protecting furniture, packing, loading and unloading things. If you own unnecessary, worn furniture and things that are not for use, we can take you to the landfill.


Movings of office spaces


Moving the office is no longer a problem! We have successfully responded to the challenge of relocating large movements, such as Erste Bank's administrative building, which gives us confidence that we will do your job without any problems! The transfer will be made as soon as possible and within the appropriate time limit.

Special movings


Our employees have been trained, and through their work they have gained experience for special movements such as moving pianos, big safes, ATMs, etc.These things require special techniques of carrying, moving and transporting. These movements are very demanding and should be left to the proven professionals!

Packing and protection of things

A professional team of packers trained to pack your stuff into special boxes of different sizes and thicknesses designed and adapted to your stuff. We also protect your stuff so that the undamaged arrive at a new location.

Assembling and disassembling of furniture


Furniture installation is one of the key things in the safety and security of damaging your furniture, the greatest percentage of damage to furniture is just created when assembling and disassembling furniture. But with our team of people, this high percentage of damage is reduced to a minimum.

So far, we have met with furniture from all materials, from chipboard and MDF to solid wood. Glued, screwed or brazed in some other way. We have always succeeded to safely disassemble all furniture for transportation and to successfully assemble and put furniture into use after transportation, so there is no doubt that your furniture is in the right hands!

Transport of things
We own a warehouse or storage for your things!

Our fleet is at your disposal for the transport of things! Contact us and find out why we are the right choice!